hello my name is kip and i would like to request the graciousness of your attention today

bottom line: im having financial trouble

top and middle lines: im a currently unemployed looking-for-work trans person in long island, new york and im going to lose my home very shortly

i am of course looking into every resource i have available to me here, but on top of this situation i am also

  • sick, and unable to afford the medication prescribed to me
  • without a car or drivers license
  • without a computer, as my laptop’s monitor did a deathroll earlier tonight and killed itself (i am borrowing a computer to write this)
  • trying desperately to avoid having to rely on my immediate family for help because of a history of emotionally abusive behavior on their end

this being the case, i would be extremely grateful for any help any of you might have to give — ive put the standard donation button on my blog. as much as i would like to have done emergency commissions, my graphics tablet is useless without my computer. maybe i can make it up to you later if i can get a working machine. im sorry i have nothing else to offer


thank you for reading. please boost this post if you can. i will be putting this into my queue to post again tomorrow, as i wont be able to get on tumblr much until i can fix or replace my computer

Also this one dude coworker has not gotten the hint and is stuck between treating me like sempai because of my art and a love interest in his fave kawaii animes and oh my gooodddd. Wracks hands down face.

He’s so annoying. His stories have no plot and do not impress me. 

Wails because Co-workers are trying to set me up on dates.

No, please, stop.

Unfortunate darling girls

Unfortunate darling girls

Sorry for the bunch of text posts recently! I’m trying to be super positive and I’m only working on left over commission stuff from kon. I got a sudden rush at the end of sunday. As soon as I finish it all you can expect sooooooooooooooooooooooo much mass effect. 

I’m actually super pleased because i’ve been losing a bunch of weight recently. With new job and more gym and better diet stuffs. Gonna get to my goal.

I’m so excited to buy new (cute) clothes. (i’ve been wearing a lot of the same shit since highschool or like, just hand-me-downs) I’m so excited to cosplay Dark Lady. 


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Samara in mom jeans

Samara in mom jeans

I love the Citadel DLC. I love everything about this. It feels so much like a found family and it makes me want to cry I love everything.

I can’t handle it I’m so pumped over Utena in Steven universe.

Hello bunch of new followers you might have thought this was a kinda personal but also artblog. What I did not warn you was that it is secretly an Utena blog in disguise.

I love Utena, so much. I have a fucking Utena tattoo.